About Band Junkies

Why Band Junkies

“Couldn’t I just Google Local bands or artists?”

 We tried that…it was junk. What we’ve found is that there’s no universal way to conglomerate, research, experience, listen to, and connect with the local bands in our community. Thus the idea for Band Junkies was born.

”What if I’m not in a band or not a musician?”

Not cool, get out....we’re obviously kidding. Music has always been a bridge that connects people who have, seemingly, nothing else in common. Just like that, you won’t have a problem connecting with the Band Junkies either, no matter the extent of your musical experience.

Do you write, draw, take pictures, make videos, or graphic arts?  Everyone likes music and art, so check out the sounds and opportunities around you.  Whether you’re searching for bands to play at shows, lighter artists for opens mics, coffee shops, weddings, or smaller venues; or you’re just looking for some dope new music from awesome local bands to inspire your own art, we have the ultimate compilation to find what you’re looking for. 

What the band junkies does

Are you looking to record, make a music video, or get your tracks mastered and produced?

We have connections and resources to put you in touch with the right studio, producer, studio musicians, film producers, and engineers. Whether you want to put in a full studio session, hire a Soundguy for a live show, or just send your self-recorded tracks to an engineer to get them professionally produced, we have the right fit for you, regardless of stage level, to make your visions a reality.

In a Band and looking to build recognition, branding, etc? 

This site helps find local artists, who specialize in marketing tools like band logos, shirts, flyers, album art, photography, cinematography. We can make it happen; promoting shows, managing social media, connecting with music venues, music/business advice and more.

Looking for music lessons to finally learn that instrument you’ve always wanted to?

We’ve compiled a list of music teachers, professionals, and even some of our band members who love teaching and passing on the joy that comes with playing an instrument. So head over to our “Lessons” page and get in touch today to start learning now.  

Do you want to be a band junkie?

Do you want to be a Band Junkie? 

Start rocking out today! Everyone can be a part in someway and if you do, you might even get one of our shirts for free or be added to the list of band junkies in town. Even if you’re just dreaming about the good ole’ days of jamming with your buddies in your parents basement, let the dream live on at the TheBandJunkies.com. Reach out to us on our “Contact” page about how you can get involved.